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March 2018
2/28/2018pdf1 MB2/28/2018
February 2018
2/28/2018pdf2 MB2/28/2018
December 2017
2/28/2018pdf2 MB2/28/2018
November 2017
2/28/2018pdf2 MB2/28/2018
October 2017
9/28/2017pdf2 MB9/28/2017
September 2017
9/07/2017pdf2 MB9/07/2017
August 2017
9/07/2017pdf1 MB9/07/2017
July 2017
9/07/2017pdf2 MB9/07/2017
June 2017
9/07/2017pdf1 MB9/07/2017
May 2017
5/26/2017pdf2 MB5/26/2017
April 2017
5/26/2017pdf1 MB5/26/2017
March 2017
3/07/2017pdf1 MB3/07/2017
February 2017
3/07/2017pdf2 MB3/07/2017
December 2016
11/29/2016pdf2 MB11/29/2016
November 2016
10/27/2016pdf2 MB10/27/2016
October 2016
9/29/2016pdf1 MB9/29/2016
September 2016
8/25/2016pdf1 MB8/25/2016
August 2016
7/29/2016pdf1 MB7/29/2016
July 2016
6/28/2016pdf2 MB6/28/2016
June 2016
6/23/2016pdf3 MB6/23/2016
May 2016
5/10/2016pdf2 MB5/10/2016
April 2016
5/10/2016pdf1 MB5/10/2016
March 2016
2/25/2016pdf1 MB2/25/2016
February 2016
1/28/2016pdf1 MB1/28/2016
December 2015-January 2016
11/25/2015pdf1 MB11/25/2015
November 2015
11/10/2015pdf1 MB11/10/2015
October 2015
9/29/2015pdf1 MB9/29/2015
September 2015
8/27/2015pdf1 MB8/27/2015
August 2015
7/30/2015pdf1 MB7/30/2015
July 2015
6/30/2015pdf1 MB6/30/2015
June 2015
6/30/2015pdf2 MB6/30/2015
May 2015
6/30/2015pdf2 MB6/30/2015
April 2015
3/26/2015pdf1 MB3/26/2015
March 2015
3/17/2015pdf1 MB3/17/2015
February 2015
1/28/2015pdf2 MB1/28/2015
1/02/2015pdf1 MB1/02/2015
First Word November 2014
1/02/2015pdf1 MB1/02/2015
First Word October 2014
1/02/2015pdf1 MB1/02/2015
First Word September 2014
8/27/2014pdf2 MB8/27/2014
First Word August 2014
7/31/2014pdf1 MB7/31/2014
First Word July 2014
6/27/2014pdf1 MB6/27/2014
First Word June 2014
6/27/2014pdf1 MB6/27/2014
First Word May 2014
5/08/2014pdf2 MB5/08/2014
NEWS RELEASE Operation 320
3/27/2014pdf161 KB3/27/2014
First Word April 2014
3/27/2014pdf2 MB3/27/2014
First Word March 2014
2/28/2014pdf1 MB2/28/2014
First Word February 2014
1/24/2014pdf1 MB1/24/2014
1/03/2014pdf1 MB1/03/2014
First Word November 2013
10/30/2013pdf2 MB10/30/2013
First Word October 2013
9/27/2013pdf1 MB9/27/2013
First Word September 2013
8/23/2013pdf2 MB8/23/2013
First Word August 2013
7/26/2013pdf1 MB7/26/2013
First Word July 2013
6/27/2013pdf1 MB6/27/2013
First Word June 2013
5/29/2013pdf1 MB5/29/2013
First Word May 2013
4/26/2013pdf2 MB4/26/2013
First Word April 2013
3/28/2013pdf1 MB3/28/2013
First Word March 2013
2/28/2013pdf2 MB2/28/2013
First Word February 2013
1/24/2013pdf1 MB1/24/2013
September 2012
12/06/2012pdf1 MB12/06/2012
July 2012
12/06/2012pdf2 MB12/06/2012
12/06/2012pdf1 MB12/06/2012
November 2012
12/06/2012pdf1 MB12/06/2012
12/06/2012pdf1 MB12/06/2012
12/06/2012pdf1 MB12/06/2012
12/06/2012pdf1 MB12/06/2012
12/06/2012pdf1 MB12/06/2012
12/06/2012pdf1 MB12/06/2012
December 2011
1/05/2012pdf1 MB1/05/2012