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In keeping with our mission statement, we "Reach In to seek abundant life through Jesus Christ."  We do this by participating in opportunities for spiritual formation made available to adults, children and youth.

Learning to Walk - Share your Experiences

Posted by Anna Parkinson on OA9er @ 9:47 AM

My daughter is not walking yet, but I think she is about to start crawling.  It is an exciting (and anxious) time in our home as we realize all the things that she can now reach!  For now, she sometimes stretches out too far, loses balance and falls flat on her belly.  While it is mildly amusing for us, it is tremendously frustrating for her.  Usually she ends up burying her face in the floor and screaming about it for a couple minutes before figuring out what to do next.  I know from watching other children that she will have similar frustrations when she begins to learn to walk.

As I watch my daughter progress from being a helpless infant toward becoming a relatively independent, mobile toddler, I see parallels with life’s spiritual journey. 

When it comes to the Christian faith, we all start out pretty much like infants, completely dependent on people who are spiritually more mature to give us spiritual food and help us grow.  As we develop a stronger faith, we begin to flex our muscles and try our hands at new experiences.  At times, like my daughter, we may get too stretched out and lose our balance, causing us to fall.  When that happens it can be frustrating, but little by little, with practice, we develop spiritually and become more mature Christians.

During Lent you may have tried a new spiritual practice or two.  How did that go for you?  Chances are, it was not all smooth sailing!  There were probably times when you forgot to do what you set out to do.  It happens.  There is no shame in that.  When that happens to me, I think it is a lot like when my daughter falls on her belly while trying to crawl.  It is frustrating and sometimes I quit and spend time yelling at myself about it.  However, if I am really going to grow and become more mature in my faith, I eventually need to roll over and try again.

Where are you in your spiritual journey?  Are there ways in which you are learning to crawl or walk?  What happens to frustrate you?  How do you find ways to get up and try again?

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