Resources for Studying the Bible

Our Pastor as a Resource for Personal Bible Study

Pastor Alan L. Griffin, like all Presbyterian ministers, Alan learned Hebrew and Greek to be able to understand the Bible in its original languages. However, Alan was blessed with the opportunity to start his study of the biblical languages as an undergraduate and had completed four semesters of Hebrew, and two semesters of Greek and one semester of Aramaic before ever starting seminary.    Alan continued his Biblical studies at Vanderbilt Divinity School and Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.  Alan has been leading Bible studies and preaching biblical sermons since 1981. 
Alan is a member of the Society of Biblical Literature. 
Our pastor welcome questions about the Bible, faith and daily living from new members who have never opened the Bible and long-time Bible students.
You are welcome to call Alan at the church office (574-533-7845) or email him with your questions.


 Great Articles and Booklets 

What do Presbyterians believe about the Authority of Scripture? By William Placher of Wabash College

Seven Guidelines for Biblical Interpretation in the Reformed Tradition 

Biblical Authority and Interpretation and Presbyterian Understanding and Use of Holy Scripture are contained in a free downloadable booklet (pdf)  by the Presbyterian Church (USA).