Online Bible Study

We know that sometimes life gets busy and it can be difficult to make it to a Small Group or Bible Study that meets at a "decent hour". We also believe that it is important to find some time to learn and grow in the faith.  One of the ways we want to help people do this is by creating an online learning community.  Our pastoral team is in the process of creating short videos designed to help you learn more about the Bible and deepen your spirituality.  

This video is a glimpse of what we are striving for.  Through a technology grant we have received, we will be upgrading the technology needed to make higher quality videos and other online learning opportunities.

We also have a video and interactive opportunities about the Psalms.  

What Did You Learn?

Posted by Anna Parkinson on OA9er @ 9:41 AM

What did you learn from this video that you did not know or realize before?  How does this impact the way you read the New Testament letters?  Share your thoughts and questions by leaving a comment to this post.

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Do you have questions or topic ideas you would like us to cover in future videos or blog studies? Share them with us!