Our Leadership Covenant


 As a congregationally elected or appointed leader of the First Presbyterian Church of Goshen,  Indiana, I am called upon to exhibit the high standards of all baptized Christians.

 I prayerfully commit to the following:

 I  will

  1. Embrace, support, and model the Disciple's covenant in such a manner that I am a credit to the Christian faith.
  2. Regularly attend and participate in worship opportunities with my congregation.
  3. Regularly read and study the Bible, pray continually for my congregation,  community, and one another, and continue to develop my discipleship by participating in on-going spiritual formation groups.
  4. Actively support and participate in the ministries of the church with time, talent, and testimony.
  5. Faithfully pray for, attend, and  participate in the meetings as expected of my position(s).
  6. Demonstrate unity and team spirit by supporting  decisions with a positive attitude in all venues.
  7. Be a solid financial supporter, recognizing the Biblical directive to tithe.
  8. Model Christian hospitality and actively encourage participation in the ministry of my congregation.
  9. Mentor others to equip them for the work of ministry including future leadership roles.
  10. Hold fellow leaders accountable to this covenant with respect and dignity.
  11. Demonstrate spiritual maturity  and respect by voluntarily resigning from my leadership position(s), if I become unable or unwilling to keep this covenant.