The Session (or Board of Elders)


The governing body of First Presbyterian Church consists of ordained Ruling Elders serving as the Session, which is arranged in three classes. The Lead Pastor serves as Moderator, or chair, of the Session.

Ruling Elders are elected annually by the members of the congregation for three year terms and are responsible for mission; providing for worship, including music; the growth of the members, including education and church school; to challenge the congregation with responsible Christian stewardship of money and time and talents; annual budget; to receive new members into the church; maintain the membership rolls and records; to provide for the administration of the program of the church and the property of the church; and to maintain regular and continuing relationship to the Presbytery, the Synod and the General Assembly.

Stated meetings of Session are held on the first Thursday of each month. Special meetings are held to receive new members and to hear from and receive the Confirmation Class.

The Pastor and designated elders of First Church also serve as commissioners to the Presbytery of Wabash Valley (a group of almost 90 Presbyterian churches in Northern and Central Indiana).

  • Class of 2016
  •      Herb Apel,  Greg Miller,  Marcia Yost

          Class of 2017

Ian Hooley, David Pepple, Gretchen Wise 

  • Class of 2018  
  •      Joe Braun, Tom Stout

  • Clerk of Session - Marcia Yost                               Moderator - Rev. Alan L. Griffin

  The Board of Deacons

The word "Deacon" comes from the Greek verb meaning "to serve"; accordingly, the Board of Deacons is concerned with serving the congregation and the community. The Deacons are members who have been elected and ordained to service in the church. They are led by a moderator who is elected from among their members.


The Deacons are primarily responsible for ministering to those in need within our congregation. Other duties of the Deacons include delivery of chancel flowers, the service of communion during service and to shut-ins, calling on the sick, hospital visits, providing food in emergencies, etc. They also serve on the committees and ministry teams of the congregation.










Class of 2016
             Jan Caton,    Jenny Holbrook,  Dave Wallace,  Jean Wallace
Class of 2017
Cathie Cripe, Jenny Paetsch, Marie Palacios, Chris Stout  

Class of 2018

          Brunilda Claudio, Susie Hooley,  Betsy, Kastro, Mike Kastro


Secretary   Cathe Cripe                                            Co-Moderators:   Chris Stout 



  Pastor and Head of Staff

First Presbyterian Church in Goshen is currently served by a solo pastor, also called a Teaching Elder.  The pastor is  responsible for the teaching of the faith, preaching, administering the sacraments 

(baptism and communion), nurturing the congregation in the practice of the faith, and participating in the governance of the congregation.



Pastor: Rev. Alan L. Griffin


Rev.  Alan L. Griffin