First Presbyterian Church of Goshen is part of the Presbyterian Church (USA). Our reformed roots go back through the western branch of Christianity, the Roman church, to the early Christian church that was drawn together as followers of Jesus Christ. We also find our roots in the Jewish faith, as the Hebrew people were chosen by God to be the ones through whom God would send a savior to redeem the world.

The Presbyterian Church (USA) is organized into Presbyteries, made up of churches in a geographical area; Synods, made up of groups of Presbyteries; and the General Assembly, the national governing body made up of equal numbers of lay people and clergy chosen by the Presbyteries; and individual congregations "calls" or selects its own Pastors.

The congregation elects Elders to serve on the Session which is responsible for the spiritual leadership and government of the church. The congregation also elects Deacons who are responsible for serving and caring for the membership. Elders and Deacons must be members of the church. However, any "friend" of the congregation can be involved in any church program or ministry.