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Get Back in the Boat
2/28/2018mp321 MB2/28/2018
Entering the wilderness
2/28/2018mp315 MB2/28/2018
Moments on the Mountain
2/28/2018mp317 MB2/28/2018
2/28/2018mp323 MB2/28/2018
10/18/2017mp330 MB10/18/2017
10/18/2017mp36 MB10/18/2017
9/28/2017mp323 MB9/28/2017
9/28/2017mp319 MB9/28/2017
6/29/2017mp334 MB6/29/2017
6/29/2017mp323 MB6/29/2017
6/13/2017mp339 MB6/13/2017
6/06/2017mp322 MB6/06/2017
6/02/2017mp328 MB6/02/2017
6/02/2017mp331 MB6/02/2017
5/26/2017mp335 MB5/26/2017
Sent into the World
5/26/2017mp320 MB5/26/2017
3/21/2017mp321 MB3/21/2017
3/21/2017mp321 MB3/21/2017
3/09/2017mp360 MB3/09/2017
Reaching IN Feb 12 2017
2/15/2017mp334 MB2/15/2017
2/15/2017mp324 MB2/15/2017
1/24/2017mp36 MB1/24/2017
The Mystery Jan 15 2017
1/24/2017mp331 MB1/24/2017
1/24/2017mp333 MB1/24/2017
1/24/2017mp322 MB1/24/2017
1/24/2017mp314 MB1/24/2017
1/24/2017mp331 MB1/24/2017
1/24/2017mp327 MB1/24/2017
1/24/2017mp332 MB1/24/2017
1/24/2017mp325 MB1/24/2017
11/22/2016mp319 MB11/22/2016
11/15/2016mp331 MB11/15/2016
11/08/2016mp326 MB11/08/2016
10/20/2016mp331 MB10/20/2016
10/12/2016mp330 MB10/12/2016
10/05/2016mp325 MB10/05/2016
10/05/2016mp358 MB10/05/2016
9/20/2016mp329 MB9/20/2016
9/13/2016mp331 MB9/13/2016
8/31/2016mp352 MB8/31/2016
8/23/2016mp320 MB8/23/2016
8/11/2016mp329 MB8/11/2016
8/03/2016mp331 MB8/03/2016
7/26/2016mp327 MB7/26/2016
7/21/2016mp329 MB7/21/2016
7/14/2016mp328 MB7/14/2016
7/05/2016mp333 MB7/05/2016
6/29/2016mp348 MB6/29/2016
6/21/2016mp332 MB6/21/2016
5/24/2016mp321 MB5/24/2016
5/24/2016mp319 MB5/24/2016
5/10/2016mp328 MB5/10/2016
The Real Presence 5-1-2016
5/10/2016mp319 MB5/10/2016
5/10/2016mp327 MB5/10/2016
Saying Yes!
5/10/2016mp330 MB5/10/2016
4/12/2016mp326 MB4/12/2016
Blessed Are You!
4/06/2016mp323 MB4/06/2016
4/03/2016mp327 MB4/03/2016
3/08/2016mp316 MB3/08/2016
Raw Emotions 3 Feb 28 2016
3/03/2016mp326 MB3/03/2016
Raw Emotions 2 - Feb 21
3/02/2016mp328 MB3/02/2016
3/02/2016mp332 MB3/02/2016
2/10/2016mp330 MB2/10/2016
2/01/2016mp330 MB2/01/2016
1/28/2016mp332 MB1/28/2016
1/28/2016mp336 MB1/28/2016
1/28/2016mp336 MB1/28/2016
Star Followers
1/28/2016mp328 MB1/28/2016
Irresistible Rejoicing
12/15/2015mp314 MB12/15/2015
There Is Nothing to Fear
12/15/2015mp322 MB12/15/2015
12/01/2015mp320 MB12/01/2015
Saying Grace
11/25/2015mp321 MB11/25/2015
Pulled Between Two Stories
11/18/2015mp322 MB11/18/2015
Multiply the Gift
11/10/2015mp333 MB11/10/2015
Faithful Service
11/10/2015mp326 MB11/10/2015
Fearless Living
11/10/2015mp331 MB11/10/2015
11/10/2015mp323 MB11/10/2015
11/10/2015mp328 MB11/10/2015
Beyond Either Or Thinking
11/10/2015mp330 MB11/10/2015
11/10/2015mp325 MB11/10/2015
9/29/2015mp322 MB9/29/2015
9/29/2015mp327 MB9/29/2015
The Power of Your Story
9/22/2015mp316 MB9/22/2015
9/08/2015mp326 MB9/08/2015
9/01/2015mp322 MB9/01/2015
The Gift of Music
8/27/2015mp321 MB8/27/2015
8/27/2015mp327 MB8/27/2015
Forgiving Ourselves
8/27/2015mp326 MB8/27/2015
The Meaning of Grace
7/30/2015mp315 MB7/30/2015
Faith and Politics
7/07/2015mp327 MB7/07/2015
Reaching OUT
7/07/2015mp328 MB7/07/2015
Reaching IN
7/07/2015mp324 MB7/07/2015
Reaching UP
7/07/2015mp325 MB7/07/2015
Faith Hope and Love
7/07/2015mp322 MB7/07/2015
7/07/2015mp325 MB7/07/2015
No Revenge
7/07/2015mp325 MB7/07/2015
7/07/2015mp325 MB7/07/2015
5/08/2015mp336 MB5/08/2015
Love Is Patient and Kind
4/28/2015mp322 MB4/28/2015
4/24/2015mp325 MB4/24/2015
4/24/2015mp326 MB4/24/2015
4/10/2015mp326 MB4/10/2015
4/10/2015mp312 MB4/10/2015
3/25/2015mp319 MB3/25/2015
3/25/2015mp321 MB3/25/2015
3/10/2015mp321 MB3/10/2015
2/25/2015mp322 MB2/25/2015
2/11/2015mp324 MB2/11/2015
2/03/2015mp319 MB2/03/2015
1/27/2015mp332 MB1/27/2015
1/21/2015mp325 MB1/21/2015
1/13/2015mp322 MB1/13/2015
1/07/2015mp324 MB1/07/2015
1/07/2015mp321 MB1/07/2015
12/16/2014mp332 MB12/16/2014
12/16/2014mp326 MB12/16/2014
11/30/2014mp318 MB11/30/2014
11/30/2014mp333 MB11/30/2014
11/12/2014mp325 MB11/12/2014
11/05/2014mp346 MB11/05/2014
11/05/2014mp311 MB11/05/2014
10/14/2014mp332 MB10/14/2014
10/07/2014mp327 MB10/07/2014
10/07/2014mp318 MB10/07/2014
9/24/2014mp313 MB9/24/2014
9/17/2014mp310 MB9/17/2014
8/27/2014mp324 MB8/27/2014
8/27/2014mp326 MB8/27/2014
Puzzled by the Bible 1
8/14/2014mp335 MB8/14/2014
Kellie Griffin Tracz John1
8/14/2014mp316 MB8/14/2014
6/24/2014mp329 MB6/24/2014
6/19/2014mp323 MB6/19/2014
6/19/2014mp330 MB6/19/2014
6/04/2014mp328 MB6/04/2014
5/29/2014mp327 MB5/29/2014
5/29/2014mp325 MB5/29/2014
5/12/2014mp321 MB5/12/2014
Red Letter Questions 1
5/06/2014mp317 MB5/06/2014
Easter Sermon
5/02/2014mp324 MB5/02/2014
Palm Sunday sermon
5/02/2014mp326 MB5/02/2014
4/07/2014mp330 MB4/07/2014
Christ the Center
4/07/2014mp330 MB4/07/2014
Who Will Be Saved -
3/25/2014mp344 MB3/25/2014
The Problem with Hypocrisy
3/25/2014mp341 MB3/25/2014
3/25/2014mp325 MB3/25/2014
3/25/2014mp335 MB3/25/2014
1/27/2014mp326 MB1/27/2014
Blinded by the Pain Jan 19
1/22/2014mp315 MB1/22/2014
Spiritual and Religious
1/15/2014mp329 MB1/15/2014
12/18/2013mp334 MB12/18/2013
11/18/2013mp34 MB11/18/2013
11/18/2013mp37 MB11/18/2013
11/18/2013mp35 MB11/18/2013
11/11/2013mp316 MB11/11/2013
11/04/2013mp315 MB11/04/2013
10/28/2013mp314 MB10/28/2013
10/25/2013mp315 MB10/25/2013
Getting Off the Couch
10/14/2013mp38 MB10/14/2013
Learning From the Past
10/07/2013mp38 MB10/07/2013
It Feels Like a Dream
9/30/2013mp317 MB9/30/2013
9/23/2013mp312 MB9/23/2013
Emmanuel, God With Us
9/16/2013mp39 MB9/16/2013
The Journey of Our Lives
9/09/2013mp316 MB9/09/2013
The Labor of Love
9/04/2013mp314 MB9/04/2013
8/26/2013mp315 MB8/26/2013
8/19/2013mp314 MB8/19/2013
8/12/201311 MB8/12/2013
8/07/2013mp314 MB8/07/2013
7/29/2013mp313 MB7/29/2013
7/22/2013mp314 MB7/22/2013
7/15/2013mp313 MB7/15/2013
7/08/2013mp312 MB7/08/2013
7/01/2013mp310 MB7/01/2013
6/24/2013mp315 MB6/24/2013
6/24/201314 MB6/24/2013
6/10/2013mp312 MB6/10/2013
6/03/2013mp313 MB6/03/2013
5/29/2013mp316 MB5/29/2013
5/20/2013mp315 MB5/20/2013
5/13/2013mp313 MB5/13/2013
5/06/2013mp315 MB5/06/2013
4/29/2013mp311 MB4/29/2013
The Soul Restored
4/24/2013mp39 MB4/24/2013
4/15/2013mp311 MB4/15/2013
4/08/2013mp316 MB4/08/2013
4/08/2013mp39 MB4/08/2013
4/01/2013mp315 MB4/01/2013
4/01/2013mp35 MB4/01/2013
3/25/2013mp310 MB3/25/2013
Gracism_ I Will Honor You
3/11/2013mp312 MB3/11/2013
3/04/2013mp36 MB3/04/2013
Gracism_ I Will Cover You
2/25/2013mp315 MB2/25/2013
2/18/2013mp324 MB2/18/2013
2/11/2013mp312 MB2/11/2013
2/04/2013mp310 MB2/04/2013
1/28/2013mp317 MB1/28/2013
1/23/2013mp314 MB1/23/2013
1/14/2013mp312 MB1/14/2013